vr4free promotion!

VR Lounge Club is a community where all people can enjoy High-Quality VR content for the BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK.

To show you that WE ARE serious, we provide our VR-Playfields for Minimum 4 Weeks for FREE, with members’ full access to our VR Playfields from June3!


To enjoy the VR4FREE Promotion, you need to first become a member of VR Lounge Club;

> You need to be 18 years or older (ID Required)
> Watch a 15 min Introduction to VR Lounge
> Fill out your application form
> Provide all documents + 35 RMB Registration Fee for Registration
> Join our WeChat and receive your Membership Card

Welcome as Member of the VR Lounge Club!

2. Get to rock!

As a Club Member, you can just come to us and enjoy great contents in VR Playfields during our open hours (MON-SAT 10AM – 10PM). Coming with your friends to share more fun, you will play longer together!

solo fun

* You draw a ticket (only valid on the same day) with a unique number to queue up.

* Each ticket provides 30 minutes playtime.

* If nobody queues, you can continue and exceed the 30 minutes limit.

* After you left the Playfield to the next in the queue, you are allowed to draw a new ticket.

come with friends

* Each Member gets a ticket for 30 minutes playtime

* Tickets have an unique, up counting number and are not transferable

* Each 30 minutes we collect one ticket from the group.

* New tickets can only be drawn after the whole group finished

We don’t accept reservations for Playfield’s  during VR4FREE period. First come first play!
You can check out the live streaming to see how the lounge look like @ HERE .

  • Room301, Joinin Hub, XinAn Six Rd, BaoAn, Shenzhen
  • MON-SAT 10 AM-10 PM
  • +86 0755 – 2506 0750
  • office@vspace-tec.com
  • vrlounge
  • VR客厅