LEAP VR™ is the brand for our console / terminal products. They are advanced replacements for ‘VR-ready PCs’. As still a host machine for HTC Vive, it has best chosen hardware setup for optimized VR performance, and provides a nice self-serving operation platform, making it quite handy for managing and consuming VR contents.

Like a home-used console, it’s ‘plug and play’ – all you need is connecting it to a TV and a VR HMD (= Head Mounted Device).

LEAP VR™ 盒子系列是“VR配置PC”的升级替代产品。除了作为HTC Vive的伺服主机、满足VR最优的硬件配置外,它还为用户提供了一个舒适便利的自助式操作平台,便于管理、消费和体验VR内容。


Supported Contents:
LEAP VR™ series supports all types of VR contents (e.g. VR applications, videos, movies, games, etc.)
LEAP VR™ 盒子系列产品支持所有类型的VR内容(如:VR应用程序,VR视频,VR影片,VR游戏等)。

Product Models:
LEAP VR™ series provides different product models, targeting different purposes in commercial and home situations.
LEAP VR™ 盒子系列有以下机型可供选择,分别满足商用、家用等不同场合/行业的应用需求:

Model Type: Commercial use / 机型:商用机

FACETS is a terminal product designed for serving in public places. It is typically employed in a commercial (e.g. entertainment or relaxation place) or non-commercial (education, exhibition) environment.
Top panel is designed for collecting different VR peripherals. Placed Vive controllers are automatically recharged from the panel sockets, reducing the required maintenance work.


LEAP Black Mini / 黑匣Mini:
Model Type: Commercial & home use / 机型:商家两用

Black Mini is a console product designed for private or internal situations (home, private cinema, school classroom, employee relaxation room, etc.).
It has convenient size and elegant appearance, suitable for related furniture (e.g. TV board, amplifier board, podium, etc.) and allows you to place it vertically or horizontally.
Besides, it can be used as a portable device to serve marketing purposes like exhibition, product demo at customer, etc.


Purchase the product:
For the above models, we have sample products demonstrated in VR Lounge. Welcome to visit us, have a hands-on experience and purchase our products on-site.
If you are far from our location, you might want to purchase from the official LEAP VR Taobao Shop (coming soon). For bulk purchase or dealership, pls contact our Key Account Specialist (WeChat): monica313948

异地的零售客户可以在LEAP VR官方淘宝店(很快即将上线)购买。批量订购或代理洽谈,可以联系我们大客户专员: